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Creating Sacred Space, Invocation, & Conducting a Ceremonial Circle (Fire)


Creating Sacred Space

Opening a circle and conducting a ceremonial fire (small/inside) or large/outside) is a way to create sacred space in your mind, within which to undertake healing and spiritual work. Creating a sacred circle, invocation, and conducting a ceremonial fire transact this intent. What follows is a framework, or suggestion, giving you scope to adapt to your situation or cultural context (spiritual faith or religion). Better to conduct one than not at all, and then learn and adapt as you go. Print this out for each participant and study/visualize its conduct beforehand. Use it on-site until you no longer need it.

The Steps to Opening a Circle and Conducting a Ceremonial Fire

  1. Organize ceremonial fire materials around the place of fire. Incense blocks, small ceremonial candles (yellow, red, black, white, green, blue), flower petals (same colors; replace black with a dark color), and offerings (sugar, candies, cigars, aromatic incenses).
  2. Ritual Cleansing: Each participant should anoint him/herself, or each other, before the ritual with cleansing water (essential oils).
  3. Stand at the edge of an imaginary circle around the ceremonial fire place. If you are a group, then hold hands. Close your eyes and visualize the energy flowing anti-clockwise (the Earth’s direction of rotation and orbit) for a minute or so, saying, “Only love may enter and love may leave” (silently or aloud). Become present in the Now, clearing your mind of thoughts.
  4. Smudging: Before entering the sacred space (imaginary or bounded circle that contains the fire), smudge yourself, or each other (smoldering dried sage, sweet grass, etc.), all the while visualizing all negativity drifting away with the smoke. You have now entered sacred space and should remain inside the circle until the fire becomes embers. If you must leave, ask permission within yourself, cut an imaginary door at one of the cardinal points, step outside, and then immediately close it. Do the same upon your return, thanking yourself within and smiling.
  5. Invocation (see below): Call for the presence and blessing of the immanent, transcendent, and eternal source of all life (your god) by invoking the cardinal and solstice directions, elements of life, animal signs, ancestors, and spirits that have collectively created the building blocks of all life.
  6. Assemble the ceremonial fire collectively or by assigning someone for this task. Assemble the blocks of incense in an anti-clockwise manner at each cardinal point (North, South, East, West (NWSE) and solstices midway between SE-NW, NE-SW). Then place colored candles on top of the incense (South is red; East is yellow; North is white; West is black/dark-colored; inter-SE (winter solstice sunrise) is blue; inter-NW (summer solstice sunset) is green). Progress each point toward the fire’s center. Light the candles on the fire when you are ready.
  7. During the fire: Offer prayers of gratitude and love to (as you see fit)—the immanent, transcendent, and eternal source of all life (your God), our ancestors (close, ancient, and evolutionary), Earth, Sun, Moon, planets and stars, cardinal and solstice directions, the elements (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire), animal signs, ancestors, and spirits. Then make any requests and/or state clearly your Ritual Meditation intentions. This can be done silently or aloud. In between, maintain silence, pray, and cast your ritual intention(s) while focusing on the fire. The flames will carry these intentions between the realms, ensuring your higher self (consciousness) knows you know. Most of all—respect the space and others’ silence; collectively agree on any norms for this time upfront. This typically lasts 90–120 minutes.
  8. Close the circle: You should remain inside the sacred space until the fire becomes embers, whereupon you should close the circle (click link below).

Equinox ceremony & offerings 2



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The Archeology, Art & Science of Altered States of Consciousness: A Shared Global Archaeological Fingerprint


A Shared Global Archaeological Fingerprint

Some Background Context

I would like to share with you some unique and ground-breaking archeological discoveries underpinning my newly published book, Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self-Realization. This thoroughly referenced (not duplicated herein) and graphically rich book presents data-driven research from four different Sun god religion’s and their most important archaeological sites. These religions left us important information regarding their sacred ritual processes in symbolic form—arguably humankind’s best-kept and most profound secret. These ritual processes embodied the Sun god religions of ancient Egypt, pre-Colombia Meso and South America, and Southern India, three of which were made extinct via religious assimilation.

An exciting two-minute video book trailer gives you a rapid overview for a broader context, and a free KMZ file containing 450 pyramid and temple sites brings this story to life in Google Earth. Instructions for its use are included in the download.


Four hundred and fifty (450) sacred sites and the deity art and icons from four different Sun god religions were researched using a common framework. This framework identified symbolic information embedded in temple alignments, art, icons, and other information pertaining to altered states of consciousness (ASC). These archaeological sites were once the epicenters of their religions. As such, priesthoods once resided at each, holding domain and leaving a collective fingerprint—ensured by their teaching and time-keeping needs—of their symbolically veiled ritual processes.

Site specifications captured within the research framework include:

1)  Sacred space included a site’s geographical location, i.e., proximity to a lightning center, fault line, and/or volcano; its alignments relative to the overhead, moving day-night boundary (solar terminator) and the Earth’s magnetic axis (geomancy); and the place where ritual took place in some form of sensory isolation, i.e., temple sanctum, pyramid chamber, or cave/underground tunnel.

2)  Sacred time included pyramid and temple alignments both locally, i.e., the equinox sunrises/sets, winter solstice sunrise (WSSR), and summer solstice sunset (SSSS), and regionally, relative to the overhead solar terminator (on the WSSR/SSSS; seen by satellite); temple-pyramid superstructure features, i.e,. 47-degree angles as solstice symbols seen with some pyramid outlines, Hindu temple gates and spires; and in their deity art and icons as sacred time symbols, i.e., V47 solstice, equinox serpents.

3)  Sacred ritual involved activities undertaken to catalyze the switch in their state of consciousness, i.e., the consumption of entheogens (hallucinogens or neurochemicals from nature detailed in symbolic form in temple art as hallucinogenic flowers, fruit, and fauna), and meditation, drumming, and/or pipe music.

Sacred ritual at its essence involved sacredly timed meditation conducted in sensory isolation (silence or acoustic resonances) under the influence of hallucinogens, while potentially aligning the meditator’s body to the Earth’s magnetic fields (equinoxes, geomagnetic activity). Sacred time for the Sun god religions implied the winter solstice sunrise, summer solstice sunset, and equinox sunrises or sunsets (dependent on the phase of the moon, i.e., new or full moon).

Sacred time coincided(s) with peaks in the Earth’s electromagnetic and magnetic fields. This offered four times a year when alpha brainwaves could be maximally enhanced via entrainment processes. Alpha brainwaves are the most important brainwave signature of people in deep meditative and transcendental states of consciousness. This is where the fanciful transcendental phenomena arise, and deities, spirits, epic journeys, unity states of consciousness, god union, spiritual death/ rebirth/ resurrection (healing), and other transcendental phenomena all play out.

The research framework filtered important information from the priesthood archaeological domains, identifying two separate and related archaeological fingerprints: site alignments recorded sacred time, and their sacred ritual processes were embedded in temple art and icons in symbolic form, which included sacred time symbols. You can read more about the second fingerprint and the science and esoteric subjects involved in humans attaining and experiencing altered states of consciousness in Discovering Ritual Meditation.

A Priesthood’s Need to Accurately Tell Time Left Its Mark

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Why Do We Meditate?


The simple answer is we meditate to bring our awareness into presence, or the Now. We know we are present when we are simultaneously aware of our breath and one to two senses (i.e. sight, sound, feel of breeze on skin etc.).

We meditate because we feel a deep inner peace, tranquility and it quiets the mind. Over time, and the more present we are, we develop mindfulness or emotional intelligence, and slowly this transform our minds and lives. The more present we are the more spiritual qualities begin to naturally manifest i.e., loving-kindness, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, non-judging, equanimity, generosity etc.

From presence we are able to observe our physical senses (i.e., sight, sound etc.), the arisings of feelings, thoughts, and our body. This helps us create separation in our awareness. We come to realize we are not any of these arisings, but merely the awareness of them. Without self realization once we finish our meditation we move back to our busy minds, or ego consciousness. Meditation after self realization becomes an even greater joy, and we simply melt into a deeper presence. The hallmarks of this deep presence include a disruption of time i.e., time flies by, a deep effortless silence, the awareness of our physical bodies partially disappears, and mild visuals can arise.

Meditation is a natural biological process gifted to humans enabling us to move our awareness, or consciousness, from ego to presence, and from presence to the perspectives of the higher self or Unity consciousness (beyond objective reality). Thus meditation enables us to expand or move our awareness (consciousness) beyond the confines of the body-mind in space-time—if we know how.

Most humans, meditation and mystic adepts aside, will need to “supplement” their meditation to achieve this consciousness expansion within or beyond objective reality. This supplementation is achieved using entheogens (i.e., magic mushrooms), combined with conducting meditation at “sacred times” i.e., on the solstices and equinoxes 60-90 minutes before sunrise or sunset (click Meditation Calendar).

This supplementation can be achieved using the Meditation & Magic Mushroom method detailed in my blog (click link). Supplementation effectively provides support of natural biological processes taking place in the brain during meditation by supplying additional brain chemicals (5-hydroxytryptamine-2a serotonin, and/or dopamine), and by boosting our alpha-brainwave voltages (entrainment). You can read more about this physiological supplementation in my book (Discovering Ritual Meditation; see chapters 7 & 8) or via scientific references on this website (click the link).

Meditation supplementation greatly increases the chances of transcending body-mind in space-time, helping us move our awareness beyond objective reality—where we witness profound consciousness experiences (see blog).

Meditation is the means by which we spiritually awaken, spiritually heal, and self realize, and this absolutely transforms our mind and life beyond belief. Do it every day, even without rituals, and watch the transformation unfold.

Without doubt meditation is the single most important thing we can ever learn. I have so much gratitude for our ancient ancestors (i.e., the sun god religion priesthoods) for leaving us their knowledge of consciousness and its movement/expansion (see Discovering Ritual Meditation).

If you’d like to know how to meditate, then please read my blog “How to Meditate for Presence and Rituals”. This is a no frills approach to learning how to meditate from someone who has witnessed Unity consciousness and the higher self beyond objective reality numerous times. I also developed the Transcendental Self Inquiry method then used it to self realize six hours later. Presence is now my natural state of consciousness. Don’t worry we still have an ego afterwards, but its no longer the only show in town!

Thank you and my best wishes to you.

Carlton Brown

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