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I think we have generally forgotten that once upon along time ago meditation was used to access our full spectrum of consciousness; the higher self within and beyond space and time, and its ultimate perspective as Unity awareness of pure consciousness in eternity. Meditation has always been supplemented via its timing and magnetic axis alignment, and with natures’ own psychedelics. Our routine meditation can be augmented with sunrise and sunset (via enhancement of alpha brainwave voltages), and at peak times of the year used for supplementing sacred rituals (solstices, equinoxes). We feel this as that special meditation where we went deeply into the Now and time simply vanished, and a special depth to the meditation.

Meditating at sunrise and sunset permits the meditator to benefit from Earth´s naturally generated electromagnetic and magnetic fields, and enhance their meditation’s alpha brainwave voltages via a process called physiological entrainment. This can assist the experienced meditator arrive in the Now, and in special cases (highly experienced mystics, shamans, spiritual people) access higher states of consciousness beyond space and time.

So why not give your meditation a boost, and help yourself become aware of the higher self in the Now, and stabilise this awareness. Meditate at sunrise and sunset, and on the equinoxes and solstices, and combine this if you can with phases of the moon i.e., new and full moons.

Using the meditation calendar (sun and moon rise/set) I will show you how to time your meditation to benefit from this effect.

How to Use the Meditation Calendar

Use the meditation calendar to time your meditation wherever you are in the world. This easy to use and intuitive App captures the sun and moon rise and set, and the phase of the moon for any geographical location. This will permit you to know when the best time to meditate is, and to best time your Ritual Meditation at the solstices and equinoxes. Further instructions are provided below the calendar.

Timing your Routine Meditation (no psychedelics):

  1. Select the date or week of your meditation (see table below for the equinoxes and solstices).
  2. Select a major city closest to your current location or left click your mouse to drop the maplet on your location.
  3. Ensure you manually reflect daylight saving in the Time zone settings (bottom right) relative to universal time (UTC).
  4. Sun and moon rise/sets and phase of the moon automatically display in your top right screen.
  5. Click the PDF 2014 sunrise/set calendar to download these for the current year.
  6. Use this to set your morning alarm clock or to get you out of work in good time to meditate!

Timing your Ritual Meditation (with psychedelics):

  1. Use the table below to determine the dates of the solstices and equinoxes for the year.

Equinoxes and Solstices Dates (Northern Hemisphere)

Event Equinox Solstice Equinox Solstice
Month March June September December


2014 20th 21st 23rd 21st
2015 20th 21st 23rd 22nd
2016 20th 20th 22nd 21st
2017 20th 21st 22nd 21st
2018 20th 21st 23rd 21st
2019 20th 21st 23rd 22nd
2020 20th 20th 22nd 21st


Note: Northern & southern hemisphere´s experience the opposite seasons. Therefore the southern hemisphere experiences the autumnal equinox (March), winter solstice (June), spring equinox (September) and summer solstice (December).

  1. Use the meditation calendar to determine the timing of the winter solstice sunrise (WSSR), summer solstice sunset (SSSS) and equinox sunrises for your Ritual Meditation location. I will further refine the equinox ritual date to try and coincide it with a new or full moon. I try to conjoin as many sacred time factors together i.e., equinox, sunrise, new moon, or equinox, sunset and full moon. For meditation I like to start my meditation one hour before the sunrise/set if i can, but keep it simple and make sure the meditation is done! For Ritual Meditation I select the day of year (table above), note if the ritual is associated with the sunrise or sunset (winter solstice sunrise, summer solstice sunset, equinox as detailed before), then input the data into the Meditation Calendar App (see calendar above). Your timings will be provided.
  2. Read my book if you wish to know more about accessing altered states of consciousness and conducting transcendental self-inquiry to self-realize and profoundly heal. Join my blog and i will help you work through all this in an easy to follow manner.
  3. 2015 Full & New moons: You can also time your meditation to fall under the peak effects of the new and full moon. How the moon phase impacts our bodys’ physiology and therefore ritual processes is rather vague to me. In all honesty I have had little success with Ritual Meditation in accessing altered states of consciousness associated with lunar phase. If i incorporate phase of the moon then i will start my meditation (with psychedelics) two hours before the peak full moon, or one hour before sunrise/set and new moon. You may also use these lunar dates and times for routine meditation as good times to have special meditation.

New & Full Moons

If you wish to know more about the conduct of sacred rituals and how to use this to transform your mind and life then please read Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self-Realization (Amazon stores) and sign up for my blog.

Enhance your Meditation using the Meditation Calendar

Your meditation can benefit from careful daily and yearly timing, to best harness Earth´s naturally generated electromagnetic and magnetic fields. Using the meditation calendar (sun and moon rise/set) you can best time your meditation to benefit from this effect.

Alpha brainwaves detected over the frontal brain (forehead) are an important brainwave signature of those transcending or in deep meditation. These alpha brainwaves can be best augmented by the local environment during sacred times .i.e. at the winter solstice sunrise, summer solstice sunset, equinox sunrises, and eclipses, and with daily sunrise and sunsets. Sacred time coincides with when the Earth´s electromagnetic environment (Schumann resonances) and Earth´s magnetic field strength (geomagnetic activity) naturally peak. In meditating at sacred time and with daily sunrise/sets, one can benefit from this augmentation effect.

This augmentation happens because of a natural process called brainwave entrainment, where naturally generated electromagnetic wave fields (Schumann resonances) enhance the meditator´s alpha brainwave voltages. These Schumann resonances (7.8 hertz) are naturally generated by the global lightning centers and at sunrise and sunset. The meditator´s alpha brainwaves are generated by the“third eye” in the frontal brain. This region of the brain is responsible for propagating the meditation process in conjunction with the thalamus (mid-brain), resulting in the executive control over the brain´s functions, and its emotional regulation, whilst the brain’s activity is silenced, and the physiology quietened. This entrainment improves the depth of meditation (easier to be present in the Now). In extremely rare natural cases, spontaneous changes in consciousness become possible (perceived as grace) giving the witnesser direct access to transcendental and unitive states of consciousness. This is why routine meditation around sunrise and sunsets and during lightning storms feels more special than at other times.

You can access Resource library for links to an array of scientific articles referencing this content or read my book. If you wish to benefit from the sunrise or sunset power effect with your routine meditation, then select your meditation time by starting meditation sixty minutes before your local sunrise or sunset on the day(s) required, determined using the meditation calendar.

See output summary below and its user friendly interface.



Sacredly timed Ritual Meditation

The voltage supplementing effect on alpha brainwaves is strongest at sacred times. Once upon a time these dates and times were ubiquitously celebrated as the most important ritual-festival dates for the Sun god religions of ancient Egypt, India and pre-Colombian Central & South America. This was encoded in their pyramid and temple alignments, and is symbolically embedded in their Sun god art & icons as sacred time symbols. The same fingerprint is observed the ancient Sun god world over.

If you wish to benefit from the power effect at the winter solstice sunrise, summer solstice sunset and the equinox sunrise/set, during the conduct of ritual meditation, then select your ritual timing for these dates so it commences 60 minutes before the sunrise or sunset by using the meditation calendar.

Follow my blog as I share my ritual know-how and experiences, and we begin a discussion on how to integrate Ritual Meditation into 21st century life.

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