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Meditation & Magic Mushrooms Overview (Blog #1)


The purpose for this blog is to share with you what Ritual Meditation is about and how it relates to spiritually awakening, profound psychological and emotional healing, self-realization, and innately emanating your awareness from presence.

This blog is the first in a series, Meditation & Magic Mushrooms, and will be complemented with blogs on:

  1. Meditation & Magic Mushrooms Overview
  2. How to Meditate for Presence and Rituals
  3. How to Safely Meditate with Magic Mushrooms
  4. My Expanded Consciousness Experiences
  5. Self Realization & Presence
  6. Spiritual Awakening & Spiritual Healing
  7. The Medical Benefits of Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms
  8. The Archeology of Meditation & Magic Mushrooms
  9. The Birds & Bees of Psychedelics

My Journey

My journey of discovery was born initially in my mind as a young child and later in the sands of modern day Egypt. Since my early childhood, I was not only fascinated by Giza’s Great Pyramid, but also I felt a distinct connection and draw to it. As an adult, I got the opportunity to meditate in Pharaoh Khufu’s sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber.

Figure 1: Meditating in the sarcophagus inside the Kings Chamber (The Great Pyramid, Giza) in 2009.

During this meditation a heartfelt change occurred inside of me. An awareness or confirmation of my purpose, arose from deep within. It felt like i was meant to be there, and always knew that. The year before I had discovered the ancient Sun god religion priesthoods’ ritual methods for accessing an expanded consciousness, with the religion of Ra and Giza my primary inspirations.

In developing Ritual Meditation from these findings, and in becoming the ritual method’s test-pilot, pure Consciousness showed me the structure of consciousness—how as awareness I relate to God, and God to me—and how to use these ritual methods to spiritually awaken, profoundly heal, and to self-realize.

I came to realize the only knowledge worth having is methods for expanding our awareness—to reveal that sense of ‘I am’—within and beyond objective reality. Everything spiritually possible and profoundly healing stems from innately living in presence and periodically moving one’s awareness within and beyond objective reality. Healing has its natural ways of happening when we move or expand our awareness beyond objective reality i.e., Unity/Satcitananda, energy fields and meridians unblocking, chakra/kundalini activations (all 7, heart multiple times is possible, 3rd eye/crown 24/7 activation), and self-realization (vanishing one’s perceived need to heal). In the post-self-realized life living with awareness innately emanating from presence we witness the play of consciousness helping us transform our emotions and conditioning i.e., you see them with awareness and get to transform them. Kind of like an adult puberty! All of the above happened to me, and all i ever did was humbly intend to heal, request that for others, and trust in my journey as consciousness.

Who Will Benefit from This Blog and Blog Series…?

This blog series may be beneficial to you if:

  • you want a method for sacredly (safely) using magic mushrooms for self-exploration;
  • you already meditate and know profound spiritual experiences are possible—but don’t know how;
  • you already understand that magic mushrooms can dramatically improve the symptoms (see Medical Benefits of Psychedelics) and quality of life for people with an array of psychoemotional issues relating to death anxiety, depression, anxiety, chemical addictions, post-traumatic stress, and childhood and sexual abuse—but don’t know how to use them; and/or
  • you might also wish to make Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now your reality—and innately emanate your awareness from presence.

The Sun God Religions’ Priestly Ritual Methods

Through my lifelong interests in pyramid archaeology and my curiosity for who God is, I discovered the ancient Sun god religion priesthoods’ ritual methods for accessing expanded states of consciousness and self-realizing. I found these ritual methods symbolically embedded in the deity art and icons of the Sun god religions of ancient Egypt, India, and Central and South America. This shared archaeological fingerprint spans more than five millennia of human history and provides a rich validation for the use of meditation and magic mushrooms (and other entheogens) in human consciousness endeavors.[1]

Figure 2: Visual similarities between a young magic mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis) and Egyptian crowns containing the Hedjet (mushroom primordium shape) [2]. Ancient Egyptian deity and pharaoh art and icons were used to symbolically depict ‘heads or minds under the influence of sacred time and entheogens’. This is elaborated on in Discovering Ritual Meditation. (A) Osiris wearing his Atef on the wall of Nefertari´s tomb (1295-1255 BCE), personifying a magic mushroom incorporating V47 degree solstice symbolizing angle. He was also patron deity of the barley adorning his V47 degree solstice angled crook & staff. This depiction of Osiris is rich in ritual symbolism to my eyes. (B) A Psilocybe cubensis primordium with its hedjet-shaped, bulbous base and demarcated brown top with a zone of transition in the primordium´s neck—these grow naturally on sterilized barley (i.e. after lightning strikes). (C) A pschent crown, containing a mushroom primordium shaped object, worn by Horus on a wall of the Kom Ombo Temple, also depicts an electromagnetic coil (solstice) and serpent (Uraeus; goddess Wadjet as equinox) as sacred time symbols.[3]

Ritual Meditation and Transcendental Self-Inquiry methods were derived from these discoveries.

Ritual Meditation is a supplemented form of meditation, where entheogens are used to provide ‘meditation related’ brain chemicals, and by conducting rituals at sacred time (solstices, equinoxes) we are able to naturally enhance our alpha brainwave voltages. Sacred time’s alpha brainwave voltage supplementation (brainwave entrainment) ensures minimum voltage thresholds are attained within the brain’s meditation / consciousness related brain circuits. By supplementing meditation we ensure our awareness has a greater opportunity to move beyond presence and the confines of the body-mind in space and time. I am beginning to learn that we can direct these experiences by setting appropriate ritual intentions before our rituals i.e., healing, awakening, self-realizing, spiritual warrior and our collective healing. Consciousness then works with us during these experiences to guide these personal revelations in our awareness.

An infinite array of transcendental and mystic experiences are possible. Stanislav Grof[4],[5] and Ron Krumpos (free)[6] respectively provide a great understanding of consciousness and the types of experiences to which I’m referring from the perspectives of transpersonal psychology and the mystics of our great religions. They provide a consciousness-navigating language, which enhances our ability to comprehend the kinds of experiences resulting from the practice of Ritual Meditation and Transcendental Self-Inquiry.

Conducting Ritual Meditation

What: Ritual Meditation involves the following essential elements:

  • eyes-closed meditation method (Click here to learn how.)
  • sensory silence (dark and silent)
  • sacred timing (when)
  • the careful ingestion of psilocybin cubensis magic mushrooms.

How: The meditator aligns their meditating body with Earth’s north-south magnetic axis to enhance connectivity to cosmic energies (see Magnetosphere, and Heliospheric current sheet).

When: Ritual Meditation is practiced four times annually:

  • at the winter solstice sunrise,
  • at the summer solstice sunset, and
  • at the spring and autumn equinoxes: new moon at sunrise or full moon at sunset.

Sacred time means conducting rituals 60–90 minutes before sunrise or sunset at the four designated times each year. This timing of day and year ensures the meditator’s alpha brainwave voltages are maximally supplemented. This voltage supplementation augments the brain process engaged by meditation, which moves one’s awareness beyond objective reality i.e. altered states of consciousness.

Please note: Sacred (safe) preparation is essential for Ritual Meditation, including:

  • generating healing and/or awakening intentions (months to weeks beforehand)
  • fasting and cleansing (3 days prior)
  • being barefoot and be in nature (3 days prior)
  • conducting ceremonial fires and offerings (3 days prior),
  • carefully setting ritual intentions (weeks beforehand, 3 days prior), and
  • switching your life completely off; all work, electronics, social media, phone, books, movies, people.

This sacred (safe) preparation helps positively direct your experiences to better enable healing, spiritual awakening, and self-realization. A definitive version of Ritual Meditation, including health and safety, and your legal obligations, is provided in my book Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self-Realization.

Learning to Meditate the Easy Way

Learning to meditate can be short-circuited by understanding that meditation is simply a method of bringing our awareness into presence.

You will know you’re present when you are aware of your breath and one or two senses simultaneously, i.e., sight, sound, air flow over the skin, smell etc. Silence then naturally arises, without you forcing it, and from here we simply witness the emergence of body, feelings, senses, and thoughts from silence. As we progress with time the spaces of silence increase and a deep inner peace arises. Meditation is naturally enhanced at sunrise and sunset (enhances alpha brainwave voltages), and the sounds of birds and insects at these times greatly facilitate our awareness of presence, and sense of joy.

You can Learn How to Meditate on my website.

How to Conduct Self-Inquiry and Self-Realize

What is self-inquiry and self-realization?

Self-inquiry is simply a means of asking “Who am I?” from a different perspective or different locus of awareness than the busy thinking-ego mind projecting itself in fictional time, i.e., not in presence.

Why do we need to ask, “Who am I?”

Because it’s the most important question humans can ever ask themselves. A great paradoxical riddle of self-identity is posed to every member of the human species. The reality is we are eternal consciousness witnessed in presence, and beyond the confines of body-mind in space and time. As young infants a counterfeit ego develops and hijacks our awareness, moving that awareness from presence into fictional time—where we get lost life after life. Self-inquiry helps us plug back into our true sense of self-identity—consciousness in presence. Living in the awareness of presence transforms the human mind and its experience of life.

Put another way, unless you’ve self-realized, who you think you are is not who you really are! Life’s grand purpose contains a paradoxical riddle of self-identity that we must all eventually solve—this lifetime or another. Conducting self-inquiry beyond objective reality makes it easier to create the separation in our awareness. Self-realization is the most profound experience a human can ever have and is the reason we’re born again and again—until we have that experience.

Transcendental Self-Inquiry is a method to self-realize conducted while you are awareness beyond body-mind in space and time. This method was created by fusing Ritual Meditation with Mooji/Hindu-Advaita’s ‘s imperative for self-inquiry. We will review this much more in a future blog.

What are the results of attaining self-realization?

The consequences for self-realization are we become aware that we are eternal consciousness, within and beyond objective reality, and that we will live on after death. Witnessing this experience beyond objective reality is literally mind-blowing. With self-realization the brain is “remapped,” so our awareness innately emanates from presence in both heart and mind. I think Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now explains very well how living in presence then transforms your mind and life.

In my case, my perceived need to heal from childhood abuse simply vanished, and I then experienced rapture in eternity as Unity consciousness. During this experience my 3rd eye / crown chakra opened, completing the activation of all 7 chakras/kundalini. My crown chakra opening was witnessed as a lotus flower opening on my forehead whilst a Buddha like entity beyond objective reality. Fourteen months later it still buzzes 24/7, especially around volcanoes. I found forgiveness and opened a door to my family after decades of absence. I now live in presence, and witness the play of consciousness helping me transform my old conditioning. There is love and kindness innately in my heart now, where I only really knew that for animals before. Life changed for the better, but it’s really just a new beginning. In the post-self-realized world we simply clean our acts up, with awareness coming from presence. The right things then happen. It feels like an adult puberty!

Words like spiritual warrior and revolution now have meaning.

The Mind Transformation Plan

Ritual Meditation and Transcendental Self-Inquiry are integrated into a broader plan for spiritual awakening, healing, and self-realization (Mind Transformation Plan). The Mind Transformation Plan is designed to create a more connected, sacred, mind-nurturing, healthy context in which to undertake self-inquiry, spiritual awakening, and healing.

The Mind Transformation Plan involves conducting quarterly Ritual Meditation, daily meditation(s), regular self-inquiry (who are you as a person? i.e., our relationships and our conditioning), daily new learning (psychology, spiritual media), a healthy diet and way of life, and culminating in conducting Transcendental Self-Inquiry to self-realize. Thereafter, it’s really just a new beginning!

Health, Safety & Legal

Specific instructions for using Ritual Meditation and Transcendental Self-Inquiry methods, and their legal, health and safety guidance are provided in my book (Discovering Ritual Meditation). This is the only definitive source for these ritual methods, and no other source will suffice.

It is your responsibility to thoroughly comprehend the legal, health, and safety implications of using entheogens, and in using the methods contained in my book. These sacraments are illegal in many countries, so you are fully responsible for ascertaining your country’s legal status for magic mushrooms, and you must take full responsibility for any risks you take. Above all else realize these sacraments have real potential for side effects (nausea, vomiting, psychosis, anxiety, panic, etc.), unpleasant experiences (psychosis, insanity and terror, symbolically witnessing your death, etc.), bad side effects when combined with other medications (brain, heart, and cardiovascular), and, in rare cases, death—so please treat your consciousness and its connection with Unity with respect. Otherwise, bad stuff happens.

Be sacred, be safe, and inform your consciousness you’re ready to fly! Honesty, humility, and healing &/or awakening intentions are your greatest friends. That’s how we create grace.

Remember too—you also have to do the deep personal work, and this takes time. The good news is that after self-realization we become aware of the play of consciousness in our momentary life as she shows us the things we need to see to help bring us to our love-transformed perfection.

My best wishes to you.


Carlton Brown


Author of Discovering Ritual Meditation: Transcendental Healing and Self-Realization


Book preview:



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