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Fly over the ancient Sun god world – download the Google Earth file

To receive the free Google Earth download, please enter your name and email. After you confirm your subscription (check your email please), you will directly be able to download a zip file containing the following:

  1. Google Earth Pyramid & Temple Tour: a kmz file containing 450 pyramid and temple site maplets. You will be able to see;
  • overhead satellite images of sites and their alignments with the solstices and equinoxes.
  • the sunrise/sets on the solstices &/or equinoxes depicted by the alignments.
  • the clustering pattern of regional site alignments relative to the winter solstice sunrise solar terminator as seen overhead (day-night boundary)
  • three ancient solar calendar clocks at work (Giza, Tiwanaku, Chankillo) and you will see how to accurately tell time over the year using the sun.
  1. Google Earth Tour Instructions as a pdf document.


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