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Your meditation can benefit from careful daily and yearly timing to benefit from the Earth’s naturally generated electromagnetic and magnetic fields. Using the Meditation Calendar (sun- and moon- rise/set), I will show you how to time your meditation to benefit from this effect.

Alpha brainwaves detected over the frontal brain (forehead) are a key brainwave signature of those transcending or in deep meditation. These alpha brainwaves can be best augmented by the local environment during sacred times, i.e., at the winter solstice sunrise, summer solstice sunset, equinox sunrises, and eclipses, and with daily sunrise and sunsets. Sacred time coincides with the times when the Earth’s electromagnetic environment (Schumann resonances) and its magnetic field strength (geomagnetic activity) naturally peak. In meditating at sacred time and with daily sunrise/sets, you can benefit from this augmentation effect.

This augmentation happens because of a natural process called brainwave entrainment, in which naturally generated electromagnetic wave fields (Schumann resonances) enhance the meditator’s frontal brain alpha brainwaves. These Schumann resonances (7.8 hertz) are naturally generated by the global lightning centers and at sunrise and sunset. The meditator’s alpha brainwaves are generated by the “third eye” in the frontal brain. This region of the brain is responsible for propagating the meditation process in conjunction with the thalamus (mid-brain), resulting in the executive control over the brain’s function, emotional regulation, and brain activity silencing. This entrainment improves the depth of meditation, which can result in a change of consciousness, giving you direct access to transcendental and unitive states of consciousness. This is why routine meditation around sunrise and sunsets and during lightning storms feels more special than at other times.

You can access the resource library for links to an array of scientific articles referencing this content or read my book. If you wish to benefit from the sunrise or sunset power effect with your routine meditation, then select your meditation time by starting meditation 60–30 minutes before your local sunrise or sunset on the day(s) required, determined using the meditation calendar. See the output summary below and its user-friendly interface.



Sacredly Timed Ritual Meditation (Hallucinogens)

The effect is strongest at sacred times. Once upon a time, these dates and times were ubiquitously celebrated as the most important ritual-festival dates for the Sun god religions of ancient Egypt, India, and pre-Colombian Central and South America. This was encoded in their pyramid and temple alignments, and is symbolically embedded in their Sun god art and icons. It is the same fingerprint the ancient Sun god world over.

If you wish to benefit from the power effect at the winter solstice sunrise, summer solstice sunset, and the equinox sunrise/set, during the conduct of ritual meditation, then select your ritual timing for these dates, so it commences 60–90 minutes before sunrise or sunset by using the Meditation Calendar.

If you are serious about experiencing transcendental states of consciousness, then sacredly timed meditation, using an eyes-closed, focused attention type of meditation, focused on the awareness of breath in the Now in sensory isolation with the mind in effortless silence, after consuming entheogens (hallucinogens), meditating with your body comfortably seated and magnetically aligned gives you the access codes to the transcendental realm. Follow my blog as I share my ritual know-how and experiences, and you can help by participating in this discussion.

Thank you and my best wishes.

Carlton Brown

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